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Poster: robertreddick Date: Jul 17, 2003 6:25am
Forum: opensourcemedia Subject: Re: media blog, catalog, and SMIL contributions

Yea, I've seen the Demand Media site, like your mission and see some parallels with

Any ideas on how we could pull off the Open Media election system? Seems like Brewster and company are looking for a way to encapsulate media with licenses, topic threading, and commentary. The public benefit is the potential for a richer media experience and standards that cement public domain content availability to independent producers. I would add to that the need to identify hosting arrangements in the meta package.

One vision we're targeting is that producers can place programming on low-volume servers (say a .mac account or a home media server) along with metadata that indicates to aggregators their host preferences. The idea is for independents to indicate that their low volume host is not for direct public consumption, but instead should only serve to feed aggregators systems. While P2P has potential in this area it seems like a simple flag in the meta combined with processing rules by aggregators may deliver better performance.

Host rules processing puts Demand Media, INTV and others in the position of having to re-host the programming but it frees countless programmers from having to host traffic bursts that many cannot afford.

We're interested in working on this project because we see it providing a boost to public domain media standardization on several fronts including licenses, host arrangements, and topic cataloging.

As for threading that likely should follow the blogging track.

With layout and temporal we think SMIL is the answer as we've already demonstrated it can be used as a time and layout container across native media players, even players that don't support SMIL standards.

What remains are methods to deep-link within the media file. That may require an audio-to-text translation system combined with a search technique. For content moving from broadcast over to streaming, analysis of the closed captioning provides fodder for contextual pointers, I'm just not sure if broadcasters will allow prosumers or others to do text encoding on their CC feeds.


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Poster: akb Date: Jul 17, 2003 7:55am
Forum: opensourcemedia Subject: Re: media blog, catalog, and SMIL contributions

Interesting stuff. We seem to be very much on the same page, particularly w/ regard to the value added of doing audio to text. I don't think I quite get who your target audience is.

With regard to handling low bandwidth of the original source, I think a gateway to p2p system is the way to go.'s freecache system, the Open Content Network, and Konspire seem like the most promising technologies for this. And I agree that the metadata to do this is tricky.

What I would really like to see is a syndication format that provided a rich source of metadata about video content. So intv and dm could just subscribe to feeds from content sources (like and serve as aggregators for a community. Any thoughts on this?

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Poster: robertreddick Date: Jul 17, 2003 9:50am
Forum: opensourcemedia Subject: Re: media blog, catalog, and SMIL contributions

I've seen Open Content but not the others. To your point on syndication formats it seems like the echo project hold promise if they can dig down on aggregator to aggregator communications. I'm thinking we need to get a few more folks in on this. Standardizing on a format is a big chunk of the battle, but if we nail all the stated goals from the Open Source Media mission we'll need code, code that we can potentially help with.